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The mighty Mini: How many are left on UK roads? survey reveals how many of the British classic have stood the test of time.

There are reportedly 8,176 original Minis still doing their thing, compared with 3,262 Mini Metros. The survey paints a sad picture for certain models. There is, for instance, just one Austin Mini 850 Van and three of the Mini SPL variety left in existence. Not only that, just one Austin Metro HL, three 1000 Vans and two Rover Metro MG Turbos have managed to keep extinction at bay.

Mini Mayfairs were the most common of the original Minis, according to the figures, with 1,591 still around. The Mini 1000 City E was almost as popular, with a count of 1,363. Next up was the standard Mini, at 1,336 cars.

“Since we launched our #CarCountUK page, tens of thousands of people have visited the site to see how many of the cars they knew, loved and drove remain on British roads. Of the greatest surprise to many is the fact that they are discovering the car they drive today might also be quite rare,” a spokesperson commented.

The much-loved Mini, which was replaced by a modern-day BMW version, started out life in 1959 and was built by the British Motor Coporation (BMC for short). It was originally sold under the Austin and Morris brand names until 1969, when Mini became a marque of its own.

It was only a matter of time before the Mini attracted great popularity and became as big a hit as its German rival, the Volkswagen Beetle. Both cars are still in demand today ─ and their popularity and price can only go up as numbers dwindle.

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