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The Tesla Model S just had a mid-life facelift

Tesla has refreshed the Model S, including revisions to the styling, faster charging and a few other subtle refinements.

The biggest change is the front end, which now features a solid area of panel like that of the Model X sports utility vehicle, replacing the standard grille of old. Reactions to the new design have been mixed, to say the least.

There are also sleeker adaptive LED headlights that can follow the path you are travelling, allowing the driver to see a bit further around corners.

Also new is a choice of two new interior finishes (both of the wooden variety), which will be a welcome addition for anyone who wants to jazz up the ‘Bauhaus’ cabin. The seats are also said to have been tweaked.

Model S buyers can now benefit from the Model X’s air-filtration system that can filter out 99.97 per cent of particulate exhaust pollution, all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants. The whole system is an extra US$3,000.

This includes the positive-pressure ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’, just in case World War III commences and you have to deal with chemical weapon attacks on the way to work.

Charging times have also been reduced, thanks to a 48-amp charger as standard, up from the usual 40. This means a few hours knocked off the overall time on a higher-amp charging outlet.

The Model X has received an update of its own. The entry-level battery size has been increased to 75kWh, bringing the range up from 220 to 237 miles ─ and the overall cost up by US$3,000.

The revised Model S is available on Tesla’s website now in the US and UK, as are the new optional upgrades. An entry-level 70D with rear-wheel drive starts from £51,800, while adding all-wheel drive will set you back another £4,400.

Tesla recently unveiled its Model 3, a car that aims to bring all-electric motoring to the mainstream masses. It starts from US$35,000 and can be ordered now with a deposit of US$1,000. Deliveries are expected to begin in late 2017.

So far, the car has amassed more than 325,000 pre-orders, making it the most sought after car at launch of all time. Some have likened its introduction to that of the original Ford Model T

We have to be honest, the old Model S grille was rather pretty and although it served no real mechanical purpose it gave the car presence. Maybe a bit of time will help our eyes adjust. It also means those with the old Model S will stand out like a sore thumb.

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