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Think you’re a driving god? Test your reaction time here

Think you have the reactions of Lewis Hamilton? Well, now you can prove it with a simple and annoyingly addictive click-based test.

The game is designed to test how fast you react to an emergency situation and it’s simple to play. You watch a car drive along a road that looks like it’s from the TV cartoon South Park and then click when a big red emergency stop sign appears on screen.

Unless you forget to click, you will be given an age rating based on how fast you reacted, which you can then either boast to the world or keep quiet because you’re basically a sloth in a human’s body.

JustPark – an online service that helps you find spare parking spaces formerly known as ParkatmyHouse – is the company behind the reaction time test. It then asked 2,000 people of all ages to give it a go for research purposes.

It found those with a driving licence who drive at least once a week were quicker to react (496 milliseconds) than those who didn’t (543 milliseconds).

The number of years driving was another factor, with those who had driven less than a year considerably slower to react than those with at least a year’s experience. However, the reaction times dropped off after two years, suggesting people get lazy.

Left-handed drivers managed a reaction time of 461 milliseconds compared with a score of 525 milliseconds for right-handers. Men and women, meanwhile, shared similar times of 547 and 566 milliseconds, respectively.

Those who drink a lot of booze through the week saw their reactions take a hit, with those who drink between 31 and 40 units taking longer to react than those who drink between 1 and 10. Oddly, those who drank nothing at all were slightly slower than the 1 to 10 unit bracket.

As for heavy tea and coffee drinkers, it may keep you awake (and line the pockets of coffee shops) but drinking more than one or two cups had a negative effect, decreasing the reaction time to 522 milliseconds after five cups. That was, however, still faster than someone who had zero caffeine in their system.

Sleep levels were also tested, with those who slept between one and three hours as fast to react as those who slept for nine hours. In fact, anyone who managed ten hours (lucky sods) saw their reaction time drop to 649 milliseconds. Only those who slept for four hours were slower.

Keep on scrolling yourself to see how fast you react. Formula One champion Hamilton sprints off the line in as little as 200 milliseconds so that should keep you busy.

(via JustPark).


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