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Top Gear USA has been cancelled

The US version of Top Gear has been cancelled nearly six years after it first aired in November 2010, according to co-host Rutledge Wood.

Speaking on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, Wood said: “I’m very sad to say, but Tuesday night’s Top Gear on History is the last TG US that we have shot for you.”

“I’m not saying Top Gear on History is done, but it’s done for the immediate future on History,” he added.

Top Gear US never had an easy life, given that it had to live in the shadow of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s UK version of Top Gear (as does the revamped show).

But in time it became an enjoyable show, with Wood, Adam Ferrara and Tanner Foust creating a version of Top Gear that appealed to its American audience, especially in the absence of Clarkson after he departed from the BBC.

Wood gave an emotional thank you to fans who enjoyed the show. “We’ve travelled this amazing country and to some of the coolest places on earth together, and even in the hardest moments, it’s been a total dream come true.

“To the fans – we cannot say enough how much we truly appreciate each and everyone of you. You have always been there for us in great numbers, and we really do love you all.

“You are the reason shows like ours exist, and you’re also the reason we’ve been so lucky to do this show for so long together… We never knew how many couples would sit and watch three goofballs go out and try to make each other laugh. And yet, you all watched… and you told other people and shared in the joy.”

There is, of course, a chance Top Gear US will be picked up by another channel, a point echoed by Wood. “The three of us will stick together and hope to bring you much more Top Gear USA, albeit somewhere else it appears,” he added.

Top Gear UK has also been having a tough time recently, with its main host, Chris Evans, taking one hell of a beating from viewers who have accused him of being too ‘shouty’ and for trying to emulate Clarkson.

Even so, its most recent episode saw an increase in audience to 2.68 million, which is still far below that of the 4.7 million peak enjoyed by the first episode but an increase of 300,000 on episode 4.

That upward trajectory may be short-lived, mind you, assuming England beat Iceland, because the Euros and Top Gear would clash – although there is talk of bringing Top Gear forward to avoid the issue.


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