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Toyota Camatte57s concept is a working car for kids

Forget Meccano, Lego and Duplo. The fruit of your loins could soon spend their early years building a Toyota Camatte57s model car — and then driving off in it.

Toyota’s oversized toy is comprised of 57 detachable panels – hence the name – that can be snapped into place around a pre-constructed chassis. Okay, so the hard part has been taken care of but building an entire electric motor would be a stretch for someone who spends their mornings watching SpongeBob.

Once constructed, the 3m-long, 1.4m-wide and 1m-high Camatte57s is small enough to be driven by a toddler. Power figures have not been released but we’d be surprised if its pace was anything other than glacial. It comes with working steering, seat belts and a brake pedal to give children a realistic taste of being behind the wheel.

Just in case you’re worried about tiny Tim hooning off in the thing, you can sit in the Camatte57s alongside him (or her) while they go for a spin. Toyota has positioned the passenger seat further back than the driver’s seat to accommodate an adult of Kylie-esque proportions.

The detachable panels come in a wide choice of colours and designs so your kids can take the Camatte57s apart and tweak its design on a whim (an depending on how much pocket money you’ve given them).

The evolution of the original Camatte concept is currently being shown at the Tokyo Toy Show. No word yet on a price ─ think a hell of a lot more than a box of Lego.

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