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Truck driver narrowly avoids disaster with incredible driving manoeuvre

Sometimes the only thing between going home safely and spending the foreseeable future in A&E is a well-executed driving manoeuvre, as the following YouTube video proves.

The unnamed truck driver comes into view on a nearby car’s dashcam shortly before a transit van pulls over into his lane. The transit then decides it’s time to perform an emergency stop, which catches the truck off guard.

With a bus in the right lane and a car and smaller VW van in the left, and with no time left to stop, there’s little margin for error. Luckily, the truck driver performs the sort of manoeuvre usually performed by a stunt driver in a Hollywood movie.

Suffice to say, things could have been very different for all involved as the truck manages to go from one lane to another in rapid fashion without smashing into anything.

It is unclear who the driver was or where the incident happened (the truck looks to be one from a French company), but we know he was almost certainly counting his blessings. Hopefully he will leave a slightly bigger gap next time.

Awesome truck manoeuvre video


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