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Two men laughing at learner driver goes viral

Learning to drive can be a difficult and embarassing experience, especially when it comes to pulling out on a busy roundabout.

Unfortunately for the driver of the Vauxhall Corsa in this video, two men in a van behind end up finding the situation extremely funny, with each failed attempt at moving forward only fuelling their amusement. So they decided to film it.

“Ready… Go!” says one of the men, before the two start their infectious laughs again while the driver makes a complete pig’s ear of the manoeuvre.

Just when it seems the learner driver will finally escape the mocking, they hesitate and end up having to slam on the brakes again. To make matters worse, one attempt results in the car grinding to a halt after stalling.

After a minute of near-constant laughter the unnamed driver makes it away, but only after performing an accidental burnout.

According to the Facebook post, the two van men had been sitting there for quite some time before deciding to bring out their smartphone, so it seems this learner could do with a touch more confidence before going for their practical driving test.

And there is nothing like knowing 2.4million people have seen a video of you failing miserably when it comes to boosting confidence, eh?

Video: Laughing at learner driver

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Posted by Marc Porter on Tuesday, 30 August 2016



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