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UK’s worst drivers revealed after publication of DVLA data

Publication of DVLA data names and shames UK’s worst drivers… is your town in the list?

The UK’s worst drivers have been named and shamed, thanks to a publication of DVLA data which shows the number of disqualified drivers in each town. Interestingly, two different towns in the West Midlands score the highest number of driving bans. This might not be surprising as just over a year ago we found that drivers in the West Midlands are more likely to ignore the highway code. 

Smethwick is reportedly the worst, with 160 of its 20,914 license-holders banned from driving in 2012. West Bromwich, following in second place, has 26,101 licence holders, and 191 of these were banned from driving in 2012.

Barking, in Greater London, came in third with 0.73 per cent of its drivers banned from driving in 2012. 

The data, obtained by Freedom of Information requests submitted by Auto Express magazine, found that Harpenden, a small Hertfordshire town, had the country’s best behaved drivers. It showed that only 0.08 per cent of total licence holders (19 in total) were banned in 2012.

It revealed that London had the highest number of banned drivers in the same year. The total number of people banned was a whopping 9,336. 

What do you think of the drivers in your town? Good or just plain rubbish? Let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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