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VW and Underworld app tailors music to your driving

VW and electronic music group Underworld have created an app that can adjust the music in a car based on the driver’s inputs. The Play the Road app uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to measure movement, while GPS and bespoke cameras fitted to the vehicle help paint a clearer picture of how and where the vehicle is being used. 

This information, along with the vehicle’s speed and engine revs, is then turned into Pure Data, a musical programming language that creates live sound.

Ultimately, the app is able to track your driving style and adjust the music accordingly on the fly. Aggressive driving results in a faster, more up-tempo sound, while slower motoring yields chilled out synth effects. 

Sadly the app is not commercially available — yet. But if people make enough noise about it then maybe VW and Underworld might change their minds. VW will be running a series of events that will allow lucky drivers to create (or is that compose?) their own tracks based on how they tackle a closed course.

If you dislike electronic music the app isn’t going to be very appealing, but the idea could evolve into something that overlays your music collection, or even mixes between a number of tracks. It would mean a lot of extra work on the part of record labels and artists, but it would be pretty darn cool if you ask us.

Check out a more in-depth video of the Play the Road app in action below.



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