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VW Beetle Dune concept off-road buggy hits Detroit Show

VW resurrects its Beetle Dune concept from 2000 for the Detroit Motor Show.

Check out VW’s new dune buggy. Actually, its official name is the Beetle Dune, but we know what we’ll be calling it in private. It was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, another name we’re shortening — to Detroit Motor Show. God we’re lazy.

It's an off-road Beetle.
It’s an off-road Beetle.

The Beetle Dune (or whatever) is based on the ‘New Beetle Dune’ concept, first unveiled in Los Angeles in January 2000. While that car was far from a production possibility, this particular model is based on the current production model, albeit with more rugged styling a body that’s been raised 50mm compared with a standard Beetle, and 19-inch tyres with chunky tyres. 

The Beetle Dune’s track has been increased by 29mm, to 1,607mm, at the front and 1,573mm at the rear to accommodate the wider body. 

Notable design features include a rear-mounted ski-rack, as found on some classic Beetles, which the company believes one might use to carry skis for surfing on sand dunes. At the front, it features a redesigned black honeycomb air intake and a more bulbous bonnet with a raised central section and large air vents. 

Under that bonnet, the Beetle Dune uses the same 210PS turbocharged petrol engine and six-speed DSG gearbox as the production car.

The Beetle Dune is just a concept, but Volkswagen says it is keen to gauge reaction to the car, after which… who knows?

VW Beetle Dune Concept Pictures



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