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Watch a 419bhp V8 tractor pull a wheelie because it can

Tractors are slow and boring, unless you decide to attach a bloody great V8 to one and drive like a nutter for benefit of the internet masses.

The advert is called ‘Dorfdrift’ and was made for a German grocery store chain called Edeka. It features a pristine 1954 Massey Ferguson tractor with 425PS (419bhp) and a driver with more than hint of a death wish.

Start to finish may only be one minute and 20 seconds in length, but there’s no shortage of action. From the tractor pulling a wheelie and burning through a town at breakneck speeds to drifting round a roundabout, it’s all pretty mental.

Now you might be wondering what a fast tractor has to do with groceries. Well, it’s about suggesting the length of time apples are in transit and that a V8 tractor would certainly speed up the delivery process.

It is hardly surprising the video has gone viral. Since its release on the 7th of October 2015, it has been viewed nearly 3.4 million times and has 5,000 likes. Presumably the 95 dislikes are from owners of a stock Massey Ferguson tractor.

For more tractor-based stupidity, check out Traktor Terror. It’s only got 225bhp but that’s still plenty in a vehicle that usually holds up traffic.

Dorfdrift – spektakulär kurze Lieferwege video


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