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Watch an idiot in a BMW M3 smash into a taxi at 64mph

The internet is awash with driver stupidity, but the following YouTube dashcam video of a BMW M3 really takes some beating.

In the video we see an unnamed driver blasting through the streets of Taiwan at up to 148km/h (91mph), negotiating narrow gaps between other motorists and approaching busy crossroads at breakneck speeds.

Somehow the M3 driver manages to avoid getting hurt, that is, until he speeds away from traffic lights on Jiuru 2nd road in the port city of Kaosiung in Southern Taiwan and his guardian angel decides enough is a enough.

A taxi decides to perform a U-turn, blocking the path of the M3. Travelling at 103kmh (64mph), the driver tries to swerve round and slam on the brakes but it’s too late. A woman in the car is heard screaming just before the cars collide, resulting in an almighty smash.

It is unclear if those involved were seriously hurt, but at that speed there will almost certainly be an expensive repair job.

A few YouTubers in the comments pointed out the fact the taxi driver was potentially making an illegal U-turn, but all agreed the M3 driver was an idiot.

One said: “150 km/h on public road. If that taxi driver suffered serious injuries, I hope this prick gets his driving license taken away for at least 10 years and also at least 6 month in jail. Driving like that with a passenger too… BMW M3… this is what it’s good for. Money can’t buy IQ.”

Another added: “Asshat driving at it’s finest.” Sounds about right.

The less patient among us can skip to the 1:20 mark to see the carnage, but it’s worth watching the whole video to see how it could have gone wrong long before the crash.

A M3, A Taxi and A Girl video


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