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Watch Jack Nicklaus’ grandson crash his motorbike into a Lexus

Nick O’Leary, grandson of Golf legend Jack Nicklaus, got a nasty shock recently, when his motorcycle collided with a car — hard. O’Leary, an American football player for the Florida State Seminoles, smashed into a Lexus as its driver pulled out of a side street.

Video of the incident, captured by the security cameras on a nearby bus, shows O’Leary travelling towards the bus on the opposite side of the road. The driver of the Lexus appears to pull out of a side street in an attempt to make a left turn, but fails to spot O’Leary’s bike. The two collide, O’Leary takes flight and the bike goes airborne, colliding with the windscreen of the bus.

Nobody was injured in either the car or the bus, although a young boy who’d just exited the bus narrowly escaped being hit by the flying motorbike.

According to a police accident report O’Leary slid up to 100 feet after the collision and was eventually transported to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Emergency Room where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Florida State’s football coach, Jimbo Fisher, told sports Web site TomahawkNation, “he wrecked that daggone scooter and was banged up for about a month.”

We couldn’;t have put it better ourselves.

Have a look at the video for yourself.

Via: TomahawkNation


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