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Watch Kamui Kobayashi crash an F1 car

Former Formula 1 driver Kamui Kobayashi is one of the best drivers on the planet. Sure, he may have been sacked from his job piloting one of Sauber’s cars, but the man knows his way around a steering wheel. He also, as many F1 fans will testify, can be a tiny bit reckless and that last personality trait materialised quite spectacularly recently when Kobayashi crashed a Ferrari F1 car during a demonstration in Russia.

26-year-old Koba had been drafted in to entertain a very damp crowd in order to promote the fact Russia will be hosting an F1 race next year. Footage released by Ferrari shows it all began well enough; Kamikaze Koba launches the Ferrari challenger into a few donuts, does some semi-straight-line drifting, throws in in some opposite lock from time to time and even manages to wave to the fans.

But then it all goes catastrophically wrong. Kobayashi mashes the throttle one time too many on the narrow (and extremely damp) street circuit, the back end snaps out and he mangles the poor Ferrari against an Armco barrier. The damage is almost as comprehensive as Kobayashi’s embarrassment; a wheel snaps off, smoke billows, and the Japanese racing driver is left to try and come up with a good excuse for his faux pas.

Have a look at the highly amusing on-board footage for yourself.


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