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Watch the Bentley Bentayga go where no Bentley has been before

Bentley is hardly a brand you associate with off-roading, but the British purveyor of luxury motoring is hoping that will change as it has released a video of its latest creation tackling the great outdoors.

The YouTube video says the Bentayga crossover ushers in ‘a new level of performance’, which is certainly true when most of its offerings spend their lives cruising in and out of swanky events in Chelsea.

It shows the all-wheel drive system and give us a taste of the design, which includes exterior cladding so it can take a knock or two. Admittedly it’s hardly the most difficult of terrain, but for a car that will no doubt be more luxurious than most houses it’s one hell of a feat.

The Bentley Bentayga has been sighted at various worldwide locations, including in Dubai where it was likely being subjected to extreme heats and in on the Nurburgring where its performance and handling credentials would be put to the test.

Although details are thin on the ground, V8 diesel and a plug-in hybrid versions are expected in 2017 after the initial launch of the petrol car in 2016. A price is yet to be announced either, but expect to pay a pretty penny.

The car is based on the EXP 9 F concept from the Geneva Motor Show way back in 2012, so it’s been a long time coming.

There have been reports of 4,000 interested customers who want a posh vehicle capable of luxury and trips out into the sticks so it’s an unsurprising move for Bentley when the crossover market has proven immensely popular.

Those wanting to know where the location in the video is will be sad to know the coordinates in put the car somewhere in the sea near the Maldives. So if you recognise the place, let us know.

Bentley Bentayga off-roading video


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