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Watch the luckiest dog alive escape four-wheeled rally car death

They say cats have nine lives and it seems their fellow quadruped friends are blessed with a fair bit of lady luck, too.

A video emerged online that shows a black and white dog skipping along a road used in the Bolivia Rally De Santa Cruz, seemingly only bothered about the nearby gathering of spectators.

At this point in the video the dog vanishes out of view and shortly later a Mitsubishi Lancer comes round the corner at reasonable speed – around the time our stomach drops when we realise what is about to happen.

Luckily for the dog and animal lovers, the Lancer goes over a jump at exactly the right time and flies over the top in what has to be one of the luckiest escapes of all time.

Even though the potentially stray dog was incredibly close to never chewing a sofa again, it seems none the wiser as it continues to run along the road – closely followed by what appears to be a military cop who is keen to get the lucky puppy off the road.

A few YouTube commenters have complained about the fact the driver never swerves out of the way and that he was clearly not concentrating. Given the level of concentration involved in rally and the fact it was a blind corner and the dog was in a crest, we would be inclined to let him off the hook.

Video: Dog avoids death during rally


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