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Watch this friendly helicopter pilot retrieve a kid’s RC plane from a tree

Getting your radio controlled aircraft stuck in a tree can be a heartbreaking experience, and one which usually means your toy is lost for good — but not if a friendly helicopter pilot fetches it for you. 

That’s exactly what happened to one group of RC pilots, after getting their P-51 Mustang well and truly wedged. Luckily for them helicopter pilot Jimmy happened to be flying overhead at the time. Taking pity on the ground-based toy pilots, Jimmy swooped down, hovered over the stricken plane and asked his co-pilot to pluck it from the tree.  

The pair then touched down, handed the P-15 over to its owners, and flew away, in the coolest display of bravery and selflessness you’ll see in a long time. 

The best part of the video, apart from the superb skill on show, is the chopper pilot’s awesome commentary. We’ll warn you, his language is a little colourful, but you can’t help but be charmed by the guy — so long as you don’t mind a few F-bombs. 

Watch it for yourself and marvel at this man’s awesomeness. We salute you, sir. 


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