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Watch what happens when you attach a GoPro to a Hot Wheels toy car

GoPro footage is best served with a talented human performing an incredible stunt at an exotic location, but it seems you can make great videos with a Hot Wheels toy set at home.

YouTube user 5MadMovieMakers’s video, titled ‘Hot Wheels Stunts, shows what it looks like to perform various ridiculous stunts from the perspective of a toy car, including a falling front flip, falling roll and a 360 flip spin.

These sorts of stunts would be fatal at best if a real car and stunt driver performed them and are, therefore, the reserve of video games such as Burnout, which makes watching them in real life very satisfying.

Now you may be wondering how you fit a GoPro Hero Session on a toy car smaller and lighter than the camera. Truth is, you don’t actually because it would affect the weight balance and ruin the stunt potential. A special camera mount with wheels is used to recreate the effect instead, as you can see below.

If you want to do this yourself, the team used a modified version of the ‘Pharadox’ Hot Wheels car chassis, which you can buy online from various retailers. It looks like you remove the top section and tape a camera in its place but it may not be quite that crude.

Besides looking brilliant (and rightfully earning itself nearly 4,000 likes from more than half a million views since being uploaded on the 10th of October), we get the feeling the creators had a blast making the various stunts, especially the jump into the water.

Now please excuse us while we attach a GoPro to a Scalextrics car…

Video: Hot Wheels Stunts


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