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Weetabix V8 milk float ‘will reach top speed of 100mph’

Weetabix has created a monster V8 milk float in the hope it will smash the world record for fastest milk delivery machine.

To celebrate the launch of its new ‘On the Go’ breakfast drink, Weetabix has created a V8 milk float which can reach speeds of up to 100mph, according to experts. The British cereal-maker hopes the float will smash the world record for fastest milk delivery machine. The current record stands at 77mph.

Stuart Broad rides in the milk float
Stuart Broad rides in the milk float

The milk float, worth nearly £50,000, started as an electric-powered float with a top speed of just 4mph. Now it runs on a 4,500cc Rover V8 engine and sounds like an (old school) Formula 1 racing car. To complete its mean-machine look, engineers added BMW wheels, a chrome spoiler, a front bull bar and four roof-mounted spotlights. There’s also no forgetting the casual flamethrower at the rear.

Engineer Peter Waters, the brains behind the monster milk float, said: “We were given the brief to turn a milk float into a record breaker. It has taken three weeks of hard work but it is now a roadworthy speed machine.

“The flame thrower gives us no tactical advantage but it does allow us to show off. I believe it will easily break the world record and will reach at least 100mph on the track.”

A spokesman for Weetabix said: “We have transformed the traditional and recognisable milk float into a 21st Century speed machine and what we hope will be the fastest milk float in the world.”

He added: “Breakfast has come a long way since the days of the milkman and to launch our new breakfast drink we wanted to celebrate by reinventing the milk float.”

The mean-machine milk float certainly accompanies Weetabix’s slogan, ‘Fuel for Big Days’. Impressed with the creation? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comment section below.



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