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What are the best-selling cars of 2016 so far?

March is the typically biggest month for new car registrations and 2016 was no different. But what cars are motorists of the UK buying in the biggest volumes?

At number one is the new Ford Fiesta, which saw 23,467 new registrations in March. That’s a significant chunk of the total 518,707 new cars registered in the same month ─ only the third time the half a million mark has been beaten in a single month.

The total of Ford Fiestas for 2016 now sits at 36,327, making it nearly 12,000 ahead of its nearest rival, the Vauxhall Corsa, which witnessed 24,579 registrations. Impressive levels of standard equipment and cheap running costs make the Corsa a UK favourite once again.

Another Ford in third place, this time the Focus, which has so far amassed 20,656 registrations in 2016 thanks to a strong March sales rush. Overall, Ford said vehicles sales were 81,084 in March, the highest monthly volume since March 2008.

Narrowly missing out on third is the VW Golf, a car that has defied the emissions scandal that has plagued the German manufacturer. 19,428 registrations have been registered this year.

Bucking the trend of superminis and hatchbacks in the top ten is Nissan’s Qashqai, which has reached 18,680 registrations in 2016. No doubt the extra space and versatility of a crossover is seemingly continuing to tempt motorists.

VW appears once again in the top ten, with the VW Polo achieving 15,162 registrations ─ an impressive feat given its been on sale since 2009. Cheap motoring and practicality are no doubt a big draw here in addition to VW build quality.

Vauxhall has managed to keep the Astra in the top ten, with 14,764 registrations. Now in its mark seven form, the UK favourite is now even better equipped, better to drive and much more stylish than its predecessor.

Eighth place is occupied by the Audi A3, which is a great hatchback with a more premium slant than some of its competitors. A solid interior and frugal engines has helped it secure 13,046 registrations in 2016.

The only manufacturer to have three cars in the top ten best-selling cars list is Vauxhall, thanks to the versatile but somewhat ugly Mokka. To be fair, what it lacks in style it makes up for with oodles of practicality and generous standard equipment.

Tenth place goes to Italy, with the popularity of the not-so-affordable but beautifully styled Fiat 500 reaching an impressive 11,400 sales in 2016 ─ even though there were complaints last year one of its smaller engine options lacked the power to go up hills.

The new car market grew 5.3 per cent in March, taking the total number of registrations to 771,780 in the first quarter of 2016, according to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. That’s an increase on March 2015 of 5.1 per cent.


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