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Widow of driver in Paul Walker accident sues Porsche

Driver’s wife is suing Porsche for wrongful death in the accident which killed Paul Walker.

The wife of Roger W. Rodas is suing Porsche for the accident that killed both Rodas, who was at the wheel, and Fast and Furious star Paul Walker. Mrs Rodas claims that the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT’s suspension system caused the accident, which ultimately resulted in the car bursting into flames. 

The Porsche Carrera GT hit three trees before bursting into flames.
The Porsche Carrera GT hit three trees before bursting into flames.

The lawsuit accuses Porsche of selling a product not fit for intended purpose and causing wrongful death. Paperwork contends that as the vehicle is capable of over 200mph, it should have a “proper crash cage” and safety features in the petrol tank to prevent the fuel catching fire.

At the time of the crash, Porsche engineers assisted investigators to conclude that the velocity, rather than mechanical failure, of the Carrera GT was responsible for the crash. Mr Rodas was a financial adviser by day, but part-owned a motor racing team with Walker and was qualified and licensed to race professionally.

The conclusion to the case could take years.

Walker’s death came as a huge shock to fans of the hugely successful Fast and Furious movie franchise. Walker was in the middle of filming the seventh movie when the tragedy occurred. The movie will be completed with the help of Walker’s two brothers, body doubles and CGI

The film has been delayed until April 2015. 


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