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Woman flung several feet into the air during botched fuel theft

We love watching thieves get their comeuppance, particularly when said thieves are in the business of stealing petrol. Which is why we laughed heartily when we came upon this video of a young woman being tossed into the air outside a petrol station after a bungled fuel theft.

Surveillance cameras show the woman, dressed in shorts and a bikini top, filling a red hatchback. The woman is then approached by a petrol station attendant, who notices the car’s front and rear number plates don’t match. As the attendant attempts to confront the pair, by placing a fire extinguisher in the path of the vehicle, the woman’s accomplice panics and pulls away.

What happens next is hilarious, unless you’re the woman that was pumping the petrol. As the car accelerates, it pulls the fuel hose, which gets hooked around her arm and neck, pulling her into the air. From that position, there’s only one way down: face first onto the floor. Sadly the woman appears merely to have suffered minor bruising and a bit of shock, as she quickly gets up again, legs it into the car and the pair make good their escape.

The petrol station attendant is left to deal with fuel gushing from the fuel bowser.

You can watch the entire episode unfold in the video above. When you’re done, watch our petrol theft video, in which we simulated stealing petrol from our own vehicle in order to gague public response to a crime that is, quite clearly, becoming increasingly prevalent.


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