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You can buy a McLaren P1 for £375 (but there is a major catch)

McLaren has announced a P1 hypercar you can buy for just £375 – providing you are happy with the fact it is a toy and has the top speed of someone walking.

The McLaren P1 has been designed for those aged between three and six years old and is fully-electric. It has a top speed of a whopping 3mph and comes in the hard-to-miss Vulcano Yellow as used on the real British-built hypercar.

Better still is the fact the toy is open top so the fruit of your loins can have the wind in their (potential) lack of hair as they try to run over the family cat. Which is a possibility as it can go from 0-3mph in just two seconds.

A stop/start button takes care of bringing to life the toy McLaren P1, which also features air conditioning, lights and an MP3 player with pre-programmed nursery rhymes for maximum parent annoyance.

Usefully, it has a reverse gear for backing away from jealous toddlers who want to damage it, in addition to three forward gears. Sadly there is no carbon fibre to be seen, or that lovely twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 mated to a hybrid powertrain, but it sure looks the part.

The announcement of the P1 toy did come with slightly more serious news. McLaren says one of its key strategies of what it calls the ‘Track 22’ business plan involves releasing a fully-electric vehicle in the Ultimate Series – the class inhabited by the P1 itself.

Though McLaren used the vague expression ‘one day’ to describe when its all-electric hypercar would see the light of day, such a move makes sense from an emissions perspective and that, as we have seen with the Tesla and Rimac One, electric motors can be extremely potent.

McLaren’s baby P1 will go on sale from the end of October 2016 at various toy retailers worldwide, priced at £375.

McLaren P1 toy car pictures


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