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You need to see this Polish Fast & Furious 7 parody

If there’s one thing we love at Recombu Cars, it’s a good parody ─ and rarely are they as good as this one from a Polish comedy troupe.

The video is called Ugly and Angry or Ugly and Furious, depending on who you ask, and features the trio of chaps dressed like nerds doing what Vin diesel, Paul Walker and the rest of the Fast & Furious crew do in the latest film, which is known as Furious 7 in the US.

Except where you have V8s and Jaguars, you get a Trabant, Fiat 126P and a 125P. Basically somebody blows up a tractor (a crime so heinous it’s not worth thinking about) and then there are car chases, explosions and plenty of classic-one-liners from Diesel until its conclusion.

If we have one complaint, it’s how short the video is. Can someone with deep pockets lob a few quid at these guys to make a feature length film? 2.5 million YouTube views in seven days would indicate a thirst for this kind of refined stupidity. At least we know who could present the Polish Top Gear.

We suggest you watch the actual movie before the Polish interpretation if possible because you will find it harder not to laugh at Fast & Furious 7’s utterly ridiculous plot and action scenes when you have a Trabant at the back of your mind.

Speaking of the movie, it’s in the cinemas now and well worth a watch – if only to see a fitting tribute to the late Paul Walker, who lost his life in a Porsche Carrera GT crash.

Now watch the parody and let us know what you think, buster.

BRZYDCY i WŚCIEKLI ─ Fast & Furious 7 parody video


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