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Youabian Puma is an ‘exotic monster truck’ more expensive than a McLaren

Remember that four-seater, 4×4, street-legal vehicle of monstrous proportions known as the Youabian Puma? Well, you can buy one for a similarly giant price.

The Youabian Puma – first unveiled at the 2013 LA car show – is described as an ‘exotic monster truck’, which is a fair description given that  it is 6.1 metres long (a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead is 5.6 metres) and 16cm thinner than a London bus.

It was created by Dr Youabian, a cosmetic surgeon from Los Angeles, which is a somewhat amusing fact when you consider its, erm, interesting styling.

Just to really give you a sense of scale, those puny alloy wheels surrounded by a mammouth amount of rubber are, wait for it, 20-inches in diameter. In fact, the tyres are 111cm tall and 53cm wide.

No wonder, then, the Puma is powered by a suitably big engine, a General Motors LS7 V8 with a 7.0-litre displacement, 505hp and 470lb/ft of torque. Those who want more power have the option of a 650hp supercharged lump.

The total weight is 3,084kg, which explains why fuel economy is somewhere between 12 and 15mpg. But it’s not the fuel bills that will hurt, oh no – it’s the buying price of US$895,000. That’s £613,000, UK readers.

Thank heavens you get cruise control, a fully-automated hardtop roof and a generous one-year / 10,000-mile warranty for peace of mind. Jokes aside, the standard equipment is actually fairly generous but it should be when it costs the same as two, even three, infinitely more desirable McLarens.

Or stick to the off-roading, oversized vehicle theme and bag yourself a Mercedes G 500 4×4².

Head over to JamesEdition if you want to buy one, although poking yourself in the eye would provide similar results without costing you a penny.


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