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Young drivers from Wales and the South West are the ‘least smart’

Survey reveals young drivers from Wales and the South West are the least smart in the UK.

Be careful when driving in Wales or the South West of England. A study by oil giant Shell has found 18 to 30-year-olds in these areas are the ‘least smart’ drivers in the UK. The smartest drivers were said to be those aged between 50 and 65 in the Midlands.

Older drivers from the north of England came in second place in the smart list followed by older drivers from Wales and the South West, the Shell survey revealed. Young drivers from the Midlands were said to be the second least smart drivers on the road.

Behaviour that separated the smart from the not-so-smart included over-confidence. 57 per cent of young motorists admitted to thinking they are better drivers than anyone else on the road. 59 per cent admitted to driving with no hands or one hand on the wheel, compared with 34 per cent of older drivers.

Furthermore, 56 per cent of young motorists said they accelerated when a traffic light turned to amber ─ significantly more than the 32 per cent of older motorists. Younger drivers were also nearly twice as likely to wear inappropriate footwear while driving.

The Shell survey found older drivers were more likely to drive in an efficient manner. 82 per cent of oldies admitted to driving smoothly to make their fuel go further, compared with 57 per cent of young drivers. 51 per cent of oldies turned the engine off ‘when idling’, compared with 37 per cent.

49 per cent of older drivers went as far as removing excess weight from the boot to save even more fuel. Only 36 per cent of young drivers bothered. 1,000 UK drivers aged between 18 and 65 years old participated in the Shell survey.

“Modern engineering has done a great deal to make our cars more fuel efficient. But smarter driving is not just about engineering, it’s also about the way you drive,” Institute of Advanced Motorists chief examiner Peter Rodger commented.

“Most people don’t realise making a few simple changes, such as smooth braking, cornering and accelerating, can go a long way in increasing fuel efficiency and becoming a smarter driver,” he added.

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