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Gigler brings 1Gbps fibre broadband to Bournemouth

While Gigler might sound a circus performer it’s actually a provider of FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)-based broadband available to Bournemouth residents. Gigler provides a number of services all of which boast 1Gbps download speeds, 500Mbps upload speeds and an average ping time of less than 10ms.

Sounds like manna from heaven for gamers who may also be happy to hear that Gigler doesn’t manage traffic at any time of day. So you’re free to download whatever expansions and updates you need whenever.

Gigler brings 1Gbps fibre broadband to Bournemouth

How much is 1Gbps fibre broadband from Gigler?

Gigler’s packages start at £25/month for the basic service which comes with an 80GB download cap. For £35/month this can be increased to 250GB, but for those who want an unlimited uncapped service, this’ll set you back £50/month.

If you don’t want the unlimited service but find yourself straying over the edge of your monthly limit, then you’ll need to pay £5 for an extra 5GB of usage. When you’ve used up 75 per cent of your allowance, Gigler will send you an email.

All packages come with a £50 installation fee. Aside from that, there’s no extra set-up charges or line rental. Gigler is planning on launching a phone service in the future but there’s no ETA on this yet – we’ll let you know once we hear more.

Gigler brings 1Gbps fibre broadband to Bournemouth

Wireless routers come bundled with all of the packages, but we don’t yet know the make or the specification. We’re doing a bit of digging on that right now, but in the meantime you might want to consider getting a 1Gbps router like the Netgear N750.

All contracts are 18-month deals, so if you’re a student in Bournemouth and you can get Gigler broadband this could be a good deal if you know for sure you’re going to live in the same place for your second and third years. For everyone in the town, Gigler offers you the fastest broadband going. Head over to Gigler’s site to see if your home is covered.

Gigler uses the network set up by CityFibre, who also provide fibre broadband to services in York.


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