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BBC iPlayer launches eight BBC Three comedy pilots

BBC iPlayer has launched eight new BBC Three comedy pilots exclusively online. 

Tucked away on the BBC iPlayer homepage, the shows are all accessible after doing a search for ‘Comedy Feeds’. Shows include Going Native (pictured), a mockumentary about three foreign women attempting to integrate with British culture, The Committee Meeting, based on the exploits of a social club in Wales and Bamboo, a show about two upper class twits who attempt to run a nightclub.

BBC iPlayer launches eight BBC Three comedy pilots

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to BBC iPlayerThe eight shows available to stream from today for the next two years – the ‘available until’ date on all the shows is given as July 1, 2015.

The BBC plans to use iPlayer as a test bed for new BBC Three shows, as it has done in the past with the likes of Impractical Jokers which has since been commissioned for a second TV series. 

As we heard back in April, the most popular shows will go on to be given the full BBC Three treatment.

Details of the eight new shows are as follows: 

  • Bamboo – Two posh idiots try and set up their own nightclub. Starring Totally Tom. Written by Harry and Jack Williams. Produced by Roughcut.
  • Kerry – Multi-character sketch show written by and starring Kerry Howard. Produced by Objective.
  • Fuzzbox – A puppet show featuring the voices of real young people. Produced by My Pockets.
  • C-Bomb – C-Bomb is the godfather of the South Yorkshire dubstep scene. Since ‘Rektal Dysfunction’ he’s been living on former glories. All that is set to change. Starring YouTube’s Rob Madin and written by Rob, Jason Cook and Daniel Peake. From BBC In-House comedy.
  • The Cariad Show – A multi-character sketch show from comedian, writer and improviser Cariad Lloyd. From BBC In-House comedy.
  • Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment – Raucous, studio-based comedy show from the star of BBC Three’s Live At The Electric, Nick Helm. From BBC In-House comedy.
  • The Committee Meeting – starring Welsh comics Elis James and Chris Corcoran. We enter the committee meeting of a Welsh social club. Produced by Tiger Aspect. BBC Commissioning Executive is Kristian Smith.
  • Going Native – mock documentary starring Mona Yousefi who plays three different foreign women – a Russian gold digger, a Japanese internet sensation and a Middle Eastern entrepreneur – who have recently moved to the UK to start a new life. Produced by Hat Trick. BBC Commissioning Executive is Sean Hancock.



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