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BBC One+1, the Beeb’s first timeshift channel, announced – UPDATED

The BBC has announced that BBC One+1 will be arriving on UK screens within the next 12 months. 

The timeshift channel, the first one the BBC has launched, will let viewers catch up on shows they’re unable to watch due to scheduling clashes, being late back from work or simply forgetting to set a recording.

For many, the BBC iPlayer has been the lifeline viewers who want to catch up have reached for, but the launch of a timeshift channel will give viewers who want to record shows on their PVRs more flexibility. 

BBC One+1, the Beeb’s first timeshift channel, announced
BBC One+1 will let viewers travel back in time

It’s not yet been revealed which TV platform will get BBC One+1 first, but the BBC expects that service to arrive on a number of platforms including (but not limited to) Freeview, YouView and Freesat. 

The channel will join the likes of Channel 4+1 and ITV+1 which have been available to UK viewers for years, rebroadcasting the same content an hour later for the benefit of those who missed out the first time round. 

Charlotte Moore, controller of BBC One said: “This is brilliant news for BBC One viewers, it means the content we pay for delivers even more value for audiences. In a world of increased choice, +1 will enable licence fee payers to have even more access to our broad range of programmes every day.”

Director general of the BBC Tony Hall revealed plans for the channel this morning, saying: “We’ll also look to launch a BBC One +1 channel, too – it’s what audiences expect, especially younger ones, and it means people can get more of what they’ve already paid for.” 

Update: Freesat has just announced that it’ll be carrying BBC One+1. 

Emma Scott, Managing Director of Freesat comments: “The announcement today that BBC One will launch a +1 channel on Freesat is fantastic news for our 4 million viewers as we continue to add new channels and On Demand services, plus invest in cutting edge technology.

“Our own backwards TV Guide has already proved incredibly popular, giving viewers the option to Roll Back in time via a slick TV Guide which also gives recommendations on what to watch. It’s a hugely exciting time in the TV market and the addition of popular new channels and services can only strengthen our great line-up, giving viewers more of what they want in their living rooms.

“We’re really excited about the new BBC iPlayer features and hope to be able to roll them out for our Freetime users as soon as they become available. We will soon be delivering more features to our next generation Freetime service including a remote app and in the future, additional movie and music channels.”

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