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Best LG TVs 2017

The year of the eye-wateringly awesome yet affordable TV is finally here and LG is leading the charge with some absolute stunners. Here are the best LG TVs of 2017 worth considering.

From 4K OLED screens to Dolby Vision HDR and webOS 3.5 gesture remote controls, LG’s 2017 TVs are a modern marvel of tech. Despite the cutting-edge designs and super smart innards. these televisions are now actually becoming affordable for everyone.

You can, of course, still spend a mortgage-extending fortune on some of the larger TV sets but there are also high-end options that won’t require you to work as hard to afford, thanks to OLED display technology shared throughout the 2017 range.

Here is our pick of the best LG TVs for 2017 that could be the perfect window into another world.

Best LG TVs 2017: LG Signature W7

At the top of the LG TV pile is the flagship W7 range of 4K and HDR OLED TVs. The 65-inch model features a mind-bendingly slim 2.57mm thin screen that is being referred to as the ‘wallpaper TV’, which is an apt description.

The W7 offers a full 3,840 x 2,160-pixel (4K) resolution panel capable of churning out a hefty one billion colours and, thanks to OLED, true blacks and wide ranging HDR contrast. LG has also managed to push its peak brightness to 1,000 nits and offer 99 percent of the DCI colour space resulting in its best picture yet.

Powering all that is the latest webOS 3.5 operating system for easy access apps and multitasking, all controlled via the smart point-to-click remote. Another software win comes in the form of wide HDR format support including, HDR-10, Dolby Vision, HLG and Technicolor.

Completing the LG W7 package is a wired soundbar that is capable of Dolby Atmos audio, bouncing audio off the ceiling for a more immersive surround sound effect. All connections feed into said sound bar to help with wire management.

The LG Signature W7 is expected to start at around £6,500 when it is released in March, 2017.

Best LG TVs 2017: LG SJ9500 Super UHD Nano Cell

As an alternative to OLED, LG has developed the Super UHD TVs that utilise its Nano Cell technology to offer the best possible picture, the SJ9500 being one of the top-end examples.

This 55-inch TV is super slim – just 6.9mm at its thinnest point – and features a fancy crescent shaped stand so it will be a fashion statement as well as an impressive screen.

As the name suggests, this TV offers a 4K UHD resolution picture but also packs in HDR with support for all formats (including Dolby Vision) and up to 1,000 nits peak brightness.

The big sell of the, ahem, cell tech, is the viewing angle, which is up to 60-degrees without losing any of the colour quality – ideal for wider lounges, then. This enhanced LCD tech also means less colour fading between different colours, less light glow and over one billion colours in total for a more accurate picture.

Running the show is the latest webOS 3.5 software and Magic Remote. This now features a Magic Link button for quick access to your favourites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Pricing and release date have not been announced yet for the LG SJ9500.

Best LG TVs 2017: LG B7 and C7 OLED

At the other end of the pricing range for OLED are the LG B7 and C7. While these are more affordable versions of OLED, they still boast seriously impressive specs.

The B7 and C7 aren’t as super slim as the top-end W7, admittedly, but they do still feature what LG calls a “blade-slim” design. They also pack in the same 4K HDR display technology with support for all the HDR software formats and, of course, the excellent webOS 3.5 operating system.

The LG B7 and C7 also feature built-in speakers so you don’t have to opt for an extra soundbar if you are keen to save a few pennies, but you probably should for the best cinema experience possible.

Pricing is yet to be announced but we expect a sub £3,000 price, for the B7 at least, and a release date in the coming months.

Best LG TVs 2017: LG SJ8000 Super UHD Nano Cell

The Super UHD range also has a more affordable option on offer too in the SJ8000. This features that 4K HDR Nano Cell display, but at a more manageable price than the SJ9500 is expected to cost. It gets a high-quality picture, it just lacks the the super slim design of the flagship.

Expect to enjoy a seriously wide viewing angle, Active HDR for the best contrast and complete HDR format support including Hybrid Log Gamma. Then, of course, there is webOS 3.5 running the user-interface and a very modern and minimalist design finish.

Pricing and release date have not been announced but expect this to be more affordable than the OLED range and to arrive in the next few months.

Best LG TVs 2017: LG G7 and E7 OLED

When it comes to mid-range TVs there’s aren’t many more impressively close to the top-end than the G7 and E7 OLED TVs from LG. While the G7 comes in 65- and 77-inch variants, the E7 offers 55- and 65-inch options.

Both sport the mighty LG OLED panel meaning a yummy 4K resolution, HDR with one billion colours, full HDR format support for the likes of Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma, plus that 99 percent of the DCI color gamut and 1,000 nits peak brightness.

Both the LG G7 and E7 feature LG’s picture-on-glass design, but the G7 sports a foldable soundbar built-in while the E7 tops out at speakers minus the soundbar. A UK price and release date to be confirmed in the near future.


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