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Best TV shows that you can watch on Now TV

We round-up the best TV shows that you can watch on Now TV in 2016.

Now TV just launched its awesome new Combo Deal, along with its snazzy new set-top Smart Box, giving movie and TV fans a hassle and contract-free way of enjoying the latest films and shows without spending loads of cash.

Of course, if you’re just planning on grabbing a Now TV entertainment pass for a month or two, you’ll need to binge-watch a lot of great content in very little time. In that case, here’s the best TV shows that you can stream on Now TV right now.

Game of Thrones

The big one which most people will get Now TV for is Game of Thrones. Now TV lets you subscribe while a series is on and then leave again when it’s done – ideal for those that only want it for those brief but thrilling visits to Westeros.

Game of Thrones tells the story of warring lands in a fantasy world where giant wolves, the undead and dragons all exist. But it’s actually the intense interpersonal dialogue, impressive acting and brilliant writing that make this series one of the most popular out there right now. A must watch if you’ve not dipped in yet.

One to watch out for: Dragons, need we say more?

The Flash

This series comes from DC as its answer to the likes of Daredevil from Marvel on Netflix. While it’s more immature and fun, which is out of character for DC comics, it really works. From giant mind-reading apes to walking sharks and time travel – this show doesn’t shy away from the comic book storylines that some TV adaptations are afraid to embrace.

The acting can be hit and miss and some episodes lag a bit but generally it gets better as it goes along and the main bad guys in each season are pretty phenomenal. Plus super speed – everything’s cooler in slow motion right?

One to watch out for: Cisco Ramon actually pulling off the funny side-kick roll with real LOL moments


Sadly this show was only given one season before being decommissioned. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great, just because it wasn’t popular enough. Part made by Mick Jagger the soundtrack and rock and roll tales of this show are enthralling to say the least.

The gritty world of the music industry is laid bare with top acting and storylines but it’s also schooling you in music you may not have heard. The show is like a lesson in great music that’ll leave you adding to your Spotify playlist after every episode.

One to watch out for: Mick Jagger’s son playing the lead in a punk band.

Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters

Ah-haaa, more Partridge anyone? Yup, the greatest of Steve Coogan’s characters is available episode after episode for his Mid Morning Matters show.

This show keeps Partridge strictly in his DJ booth working his magic on the North Norfolk radio waves. Episodes are short but intensely funny as ever, making for dangerously easy binge watching.

One to watch out for: An appearance from The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt as folk singer Blackbird Goodbrook, aka “Blackie”.


Another of the DC shows to grace the screen, this heroine led show joins The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow to expand the universe further.

Check out the pilot and see how impressed you are. We’re pretty sure that’ll be enough to have you clicking to the next episode fairly swiftly.

This is the story of Superman’s cousin who also made it to Earth following the death of their homeworld Krypton. She’s graced with similar powers to the Man of Steel with flight and super strength among them. Entertaining stuff then.

One to watch out for: Helen Slater who played the original Supergirl in 1984.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

Yet another comic to TV adaptation, but this one’s from the Marvel side. Created by Stan Lee himself, the man behind Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and The Hulk to name a few.

The show stars James Nesbitt who plays a police officer that receives an bracelet which affords him great luck. But, of course, this comes at a cost. A second season has been announced and is due to land in 2017, so plenty of time to catch up then.

One to watch out for: A finale that will leave you gagging for more.


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