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BeyonDSL rolls out 20Mbps satellite broadband in the UK and Ireland

Satellite broadband provider BeyonDSL has just launched a 20Mbps service in the UK and Ireland. 

BeyonDSL, which uses the SES Broadband footprint, previously beamed a nationwide broadband service providing download speeds of up to 10Mbps. This has now been doubled to 20Mbps, putting it on par with similar services powered by Tooway Broadband

The new BeyonDSL services include a 20M20 package, providing 20Mbps top download speeds, 20GB daytime usage cap and ‘FreeZone’ usage, which gives you unlimited downloads between the hours of 11pm and 7am. 

BeyonDSL rolls out 20Mbps satellite broadband in the UK and Ireland
BeyonDSL gives you free unlimited usage between 11pm and 7pm – Great for night owls

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While you get 20GBs to play with outside of the FreeZone hours, you should note that this has been partitioned for downloads and uploads. You get 17GBs for downloads and a 3.4GBs upload cap. 

“Our service, ‘Satellite Internet’, with up to 20 Mbit/s download speeds is another step in our continuing mission to offer competitive and affordable high-speed satellite internet packages for customers throughout the UK and Ireland,” says Mike Locke, Managing Director of BeyonDSL. “Both SES Broadband Services and BeyonDSL are committed to the further development of high-speed satellite internet for customers with limited or no access to this indispensable technology.” 

BeyonDSL’s satellite broadband is available virtually anywhere. So long as you’re able to point a satellite dish to the south from your property you should be able to pick up BeyonDSL’s services. Installation charges don’t appear to be listed anywhere on their site but if you don’t have a dish then an engineer visit can be arranged. 


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