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Broadband beats sex and booze for some Brits

A new survey commissioned by FTTP peddlers Hyperoptic claims that many Britons would rather go without chocolate, booze and sex than give up their reliable ‘net connection.

The survey found that a massive 45 per cent of Brits would happily sacrifice chocolate if it meant that they could hang on to their internet access, while a still substantial 22 per cent said that the Web was more important to them than a tipple. Rather alarmingly, the same number of people claimed that they would rather give up sex than the internet for a full week.

Only 9 per cent of folk said they’d rather nix the ‘net than any of their vices, which illustrates just how dependant on the wiles of the World Wide Web we’ve become.

Londoners placed head and shoulders above the rest of the country in terms of internet usage, or so says the survey. The average capital-dwelling net-head uses the internet for an impressive 12 hours a day, to work, game and stream their favourite movies and TV shows.

Londoners also ranked top of the list when it comes to internet-connected devices too, with an average of five devices. That includes smartphones, tablets, games consoles and even thermostats and lighting systems. The rest of the country managed an average of three.

Hyperoptic’s survey also showed that a quarter of the country is now reliant on streaming, while two in five (43 per cent) Britons prefer to download HDTV content, presumably a result of the dreaded buffering, which the surveyed streamers claimed occurs up to eight times an hour during peak times.

Hyperoptic’s manage director, Dana Tobak, said: “Britain is renowned across the world as being a nation of fast adopters and internet enthusiasts.

“Connectivity plays a key role in how we work, shop and relax. UK residents are doubling their broadband data usage year-on-year, and having a fast, reliable service is at the heart of improving our quality of life as we increasingly spend more time online.”


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