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BT bringing 330Mbps fibre broadband to Aberdeenshire new build

BT is installing 330Mbps broadband in a new town in Scotland – for the residents who have yet to move in. 

Pure fibre connections will be made to the 4,045 new homes across four neighbourhoods in Chapeltown, Aberdeenshire with another 4,000 properties getting connected in future. 

The new town will cost £2 billion in total to build and BT’s network arm Openreach will be installing the FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) lines in time for the first buyers, who are expected to move in later this year. 

Chapeltown will be connected via the faster FTTP connection
FTTP is totes lolz.

Development of the new town is being led by EDC (Elsick Development Company), which insisted on future-proof FTTP broadband being installed. 

EDC’s Director, Lord Southesk, said: “Securing FTTP at Chapelton was vital for us to deliver our vision of a truly sustainable, modern community. I believe FTTP will be a big attraction for people looking for a new home later this year and beyond.” 

The network will provide speeds much faster than most other older areas served by BT in Aberdeen and in many other parts of the UK. 

As BT prepares to bring top download speeds of 330Mbps to new homeowners, rival ISP CityFibre has announced plans to bring gigabit (1,000Mbps) services to the city of Aberdeen. 

The project will see 6,000 companies as well as hundreds of public sector buildings including schools, universities and hospitals able to order in gigabit FTTP in the future. 

CityFibre’s CEO Greg Mesch said: “We selected Aberdeen as it represents the perfect opportunity for a Gigabit City project. Its economic power, business makeup and absence of alternative network mean that Aberdeen will be in a position to take full advantage of this transformational digital infrastructure.

“CityFibre is honoured to be able to add to the proud history of this city by building a modern digital infrastructure that will future proof Aberdeen, its businesses and residents for the next 100 years.”

While the top download and upload speeds possible on Openreach’s FTTP lines are 330Mbps and 30Mbps compared to the 1Gbps that CityFibre can offer, BT has demonstrated that its pure fibre network can deliver gigabit services. There’s no indication as to when BT will upgrade its current FTTP connections. 


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