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BT fibre-based broadband for 12,000 more: Broadband Rollout Roundup 09/03/2013

While its been yet another relatively quiet week on the rollout roundup front there’s been some exciting news this week. 

We’ve heard the Fibre GarDen is a step closer to realising its dream of getting 100Mbps broadband rolled out across Gardale and Dentdale and Solway Communications has revealed details of plans to extend its Cumbrian wireless broadband network.

Virgin Media, speaking at Cable Congress 2013 along with CableLabs, shed a bit more light on future plans, hinting at the possibility of 1Gbps speeds hitting its network by 2015 at the earliest. Fingers crossed on that last one. Yesterday we heard that Wifinity could at some point bring 20Mbps wireless broadband to other parts of the UK beyond the handful of areas it currently served.

If that wasn’t enough we heard of some very Scilly goings on with some undersea cable…

Elsewhere, there’s word of new services hitting parts of the UK right now. We’ll give you the full run down right now in the latest edition of Broadband Rollout Roundup for the week ending March 9, 2013.

BT fibre-based broadband for 12,000: Broadband Rollout Roundup 09/03/2013

BT Fibre to the Cabinet comes to 12,000 in Tonypandy

BT has connected a further 12,000 homes and businesses in Tonypandy. This is part of BT’s £2.5 billion commercial investment and is separate to the BDUK plan to connect 96 per cent of the county to faster speeds by 2015.

The exchanges at Culverhouse and Bargoed are also due to be to be upgraded to faster speeds by the end of 2014. Once BT’s commercial rollout has finished in Wales, it’s estimated that 630,000 homes and businesses will be able to order in FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband, providing top download speeds of 80Mbps.

WiSpire beams in wireless broadband to four more rural Norwich locations

Rural provider of wireless broadband WiSpire has added a further four locations in Norwich.

Ashby St Mary and Barnham Broom, Bergh Apton and Loddon are now covered by WiSpire’s network which can provide speeds of up to 8Mbps, unlimited downloads and no line rental, thanks to the wireless nature of the service.

WiSpire’s wireless broadband is now available in 30 locations across Norwich with plenty more rural locations due to be added.

Free WiFi comes to Bradford’s City Park courtesy of Virgin Media Business

Bradford’s City Park this week was flooded with WiFi courtesy of Virgin Media Business, following on from a similar move in Bridge Street before Christmas last year.

Anyone passing through the City Park area will be able to hook up to Virgin Media’s WiFi network on their phones, tablets, laptops or whatever WiFi-enabled portable device they can conceivably carry.


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