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BT smashes spam and PPI pesterers with its BT7600, BT4000 and BT4500 phones

BT has unveiled its latest weapons in the war against nuisance spam calls, the BT7600, BT4000 and BT4500 phones. 

These landline phones, like the BT6500 before it, are designed so that withheld and international numbers, often the source of irritating marketing calls, can be easily blocked. Calls from payphones and numbers without caller ID, other sources of unwanted and sometimes threatening calls, can also be locked out. 

So as not to shut out friends and relatives who might be calling from overseas on have an ex-directory number, you can create a VIP whitelist of numbers. This means you can keep in contact with the people you want to while still showing spammers the door. 

BT smashes spam and PPI pesterers with its BT7600, BT4000 and BT4500 phones
Slam the spam: BT’s Nuisance Call Blocker phones cut out the majority of marketing calls

John Petter, consumer managing director, BT said: “BT takes the issue of nuisance calls very seriously and is constantly looking for ways to help our customers to manage their calls. The BT6500 has proved a big success and has quickly become our biggest-selling handset. 

“We are now expanding our range of nuisance calls phones to give even more customers the peace of mind that when the phone rings it should be someone they want to speak to.” 

So far BT has sold over 200,000 BT6500 phones and is looking to make spam-free phones more accessible. The BT4000 (pictured) and BT4500 are big button-type phones, designed specifically for those with accessibility considerations. Both phones have a sound boost feature to increase volume, and are hearing aid compatible. As well as this the large screens are easily legible and voicemail messages benefit from slow playback. 

The BT7600 is essentially an upgrade of the BT6500, in that it features different design that’s perhaps more eye-catching than its predecessor. You can record up to 30 minutes of voicemail messages and parents can block premium rate and mobile numbers, to prevent any expensive accidents.

Prices of the new phones have yet to be announced. 


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