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BT Sport to buy MotoGP rights from BBC?

It’s a rumour but a pretty tasty one: BT Sport may have broadcast rights for MotoGP races, currently shown on the BBC, in its sights. 

The BBC’s five year deal to show the motorcycle sport will expire this year and apparently BT Sport is keen on snapping up the rights to show Valentino Rossi and the gang. 

If the rumours are true, this will mark the departure of the latest high profile sport from subscription-free TV to a pay service. 

BT Sport to buy MotoGP rights from BBC?
Will MotoGP fans be forced to go down the pub to watch Rossi and the gang?

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Broadcast [paywall] is reporting that BT Sport is planning on introducing multi-camera angles including rider point-of-view action. The story says that BT wants to ‘supercharge’ MotoGP in the same way that Sky Sports did Formula 1 racing. 

Whether this means that viewers will be able to control how they watch the racing action from phone and tablet apps remains to be seen. The rest of the piece is rather scant on the details.

BT representatives declined to comment when we got in contact with them and while we’re waiting to hear back from BBC sources, we’ve a feeling their response will be the same. Last year there was a ‘hotly tipped’ rumour that Gary Lineker was down to present BT Sport which turned out not to be true and this may turn out to be nonsense too – we’ll have to wait and see. 

If true, then it looks like MotoGP fans will be able to enjoy the action from the comfort of their local pub as well as in the home.


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