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Channel 4 details 4oD recommendations and targeted ads

Channel 4 has updated its privacy policy and by doing so, revealed details about recommendations and targeted advertising. 

Plans for recommendations were revealed earlier this month at the DTG Summit 2013 in London. Channel 4 wants to make the 4oD experience ‘more personalised’ and will do so by asking subscribers to add details such as their location in order to recommend programmes. 

Channel 4 details 4oD recommendations and targeted ads
Relevant recommendations and ads – coming soon to a 4oD near you

Shows that are popular or trending in your area for example might be recommended to you, alongside programmes similar to ones you’ve watched previously on 4oD. As well as this, Channel 4 wants your postcode to keep you in the loop ‘about relevant Channel 4 events in your area that you might be interested in.’ 

The new changes will also help Channel 4 serve up more relevant adverts to viewers. ‘Knowing a little more about you means that we are able to tailor the advertising we present to you,’ says the updated privacy policy. ‘This helps us to generate more money from our online advertising.’ The idea is that the money will be reinvested into 4oD and improving the service. 

Adverts are part and parcel of the 4oD experience. We don’t like having to sit through them (who does?) but if this means Channel 4 can make some more cash and make 4oD better we’re all for it. Just release it on Free Time from Freesat already guys…


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