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BT Mobile’s SIM-only deal is the cheapest way to get BT Sport yet

Every BT Mobile plan announced so far gives you access to BT Sport live streams – meaning you can get live Premier League football for a tenner a month. 

The BT Mobile 500MB plan gives you 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data to burn through every month. It’s a 12 month contract, costs £10/month and you can sign up for one now. 

This is the cheapest way to get BT Sport to date. It doesn’t require you to have BT Broadband and it doesn’t require you to have a Sky or Virgin TV subscription. 

You can watch on your phone or tablet via the BT Sport iOS and Android apps. 

Got BT Broadband? See how those BT Mobile prices stack up for youAs the BT Mobile deal comes with unlimited use of BT’s WiFi network, you can stream for free in Starbucks, Caffe Nero or anywhere where there’s one of BT’s 5.2 million (and counting) hotspots.  

Some words of warning to any bargain-hungry shoppers out there – while you will be able to watch live Premier League action on your phone or tablet, we understand that you won’t be able to make use of the BT Sport desktop player. 

Nor will you be able to watch BT Sport on your TV via Chromecast, even though both of the BT Sport apps are compatible with Google’s £30 telly stick

Unless you’ve got a fixed-line BT Broadband subscription, you won’t be able to cast BT Sport content from your phone to your TV. We’ve been unable to confirm whether or not you’ll be able to simply connect a device to a spare HDMI port or whether BT has locked down this avenue as well. 

Of course, if you were to stream BT Sport on your phone at home, you’d probably want to do it via WiFi – that 500MB cap won’t give you much airtime. You’ll need to decide whether paying BT £10/month (on top of whatever you’re paying for Internet access) is worth it. 

As it’s a 12 month deal, perhaps it’d be a good idea to hold off paying for the service until August, when the new season is due to kick off. BT recently won the rights to show 42 Premier League football games live and exclusively for the next three seasons. 

How much is BT Sport?

BT Sport starts at £12/month on Sky TV, or £15/month if you want the channels in HD. Virgin TV customers can only get BT Sport HD (£15/month) – there’s no option to go cheaper and get the SD-only channels. 

You get access to the BT Sport mobile apps and desktop player for free with all BT Broadband services. All of the BT Sport channels – that’s BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN – in standard definition are included gratis with all BT TV subscriptions. If you want to go HD, you’ll need to pay an extra £3/month.


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