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Pure Broadband gets circa 50Mbps speed boost from CityFibre

Customers of Hull-based wireless ISP Pure Broadband are due to get a boost up to around 50Mbps thanks to a deal with CityFibre.  

Fibre optic links from CityFibre will power Pure’s network of masts, which cover the majority of Kingston upon Hull and the surrounding towns. 

Joe Tandey, Pure Broadband’s operations director said: “More and more residents and businesses are looking for an alternative to Hull’s incumbent operator and our services are a perfect high-speed option. 

“By upgrading our backbone with dark fibre from CityFibre, we will be able to offer an even better broadband service to our existing customers as well as accelerating our customer acquisition programme in Hull.” 

Improvements to Pure’s services are likely to go down well with Hull’s residents, who are noteworthy for living in the only town in the UK with a municipally owned telephone corporation, Kingston Communications, also known as KCOM. As BT and Virgin Media don’t ply their wares in the town, competition in Hull is scarce. 

KCOM currently offers a range of ADSL and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)-based services. These start at £31.99/month for a 35GB capped ADSL product and £36.99/month for the entry-level Lightstream fibre service (up to 50Mbps, 70GB cap). 

Pure Broadband offers a basic £15/month service that has a 50GB download limit and an unlimited service for £22.50/month. 

You’ll have to pay for the installation of wireless broadband equipment at your house which costs either £99 up front, or £15/month on the day of installation than £15/month after that. As Pure Broadband is a wireless ISP, there’s no phone line, so you don’t pay line rental. Once you’ve paid for the installation, that’s it – you just pay for the Internet service on top of that. 

Speeds vary depending on the distance of your home to the nearest Pure mast. As wireless broadband operates on a line of sight basis, any obstructions can affect your quality of service. Pure says that its engineers will perform a speed test on the day of installation – and if you’re not happy with the speeds you’re getting, you’ll be able to cancel with no obligations. 

While Pure may be an attractive offer for bargain hunters, those after some serious speeds might want to invest in KC’s Lightstream 250 service. While it’s pricey at £69.99/month, for your cash you will get download speeds of 250Mbps and unlimited downloads.  

You can check your current internet speed, to see if your ISP is giving you good deal, with our broadband speed test tool.


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