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TrueCall spam call blocker kills 98 per cent of unwanted calls

Call blocking company TrueCall has launched new software that will help phone customers block nuisance calls by drawing on other people’s reports of dodgy calls.

The new Community Blocking feature for its nuisance call blocking devices, which it claims will identify and automatically block telephone numbers from organisations which are considered by other TrueCall users to be nuisance callers.

The system works by collating reports from its units around the UK. These reports identify calls that have been blocked by others with TrueCall’s devices. The software can sift through reports and highlight which numbers are causing the most problems; including calls from persistent PPI companies, debt consolidation organisations and energy suppliers. 

TrueCall spam call blocker kills 98 per cent of unwanted calls
Who you gonna call? Not that PPI company that keeps annoying you probably.

This information is transferred back to other TrueCall units, which are part of the community, automatically updating them to block those numbers.

Users can choose how they want to handle calls from Community Block list numbers.  For example, they can be intercepted, sent directly to the built-in answer machine or played a block message, such as: ‘We’re not interested in your call – please hang up and don’t call us again.’

Given that unwanted calls can on occasion be generated by software, TrueCall offers the amazing potential scenario of machines talking to one another, profiting no-one. 

TrueCall can even play the unobtainable tone, so call centre staff think they have a wrong or unavailable number, which encourages it to delete the number from future campaigns.

The firm said that the software will become smarter as more information is fed into it. It also said that it would even work against call centres that frequently change numbers as its algorithms place more emphasis on recent blocked numbers, allowing it to quickly identify the latest numbers which are being used.

In a recent trial by Scottish Trading Standards, TrueCall was shown to block 98 per cent of nuisance calls.

TrueCall hardware starts at £100 for the basic Call Blocker device.  


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