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Destiny 2: What exotic items is Xur selling this week (29th of September)?

What is Xur selling this weekend, commencing on the 29th of September, and should you buy any of it? We take a look at his wares (not a euphemism) to find out.

Every week Xur: Agent of the Nine turns up, complete with a bag of exotic-based swag you can purchase to improve your light level and make you more effective in PvE and PvP. Or just make your character look cooler.

Whatever the reason, this week’s Xur appearance ─ commencing on the 29th of September to the 3rd of October, 2017 ─ takes place on Io in the Giant’s Scar area. You can use the map to see exactly where he is, as opposed to in Destiny 1 where you had to walk around aimlessly (or Google it).

On the exotic weapon front, Xur is selling Riskrunner, which is a very potent submachine gun in the right situation, for the price of 29 legendary shards. Keep on scrolling down to see exactly what we mean about its performance.

Destin 2: Mechaneer's Tricksleeves

Then there is Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves, which are exotic Hunter gauntlets and cost 23 legendary shards. Besides improving mobility and resilience, the Spring-Loaded Mounting perk gets your sidearm ready faster and improves reload speed.

Destiny 2: Hallowfire Heart Armour

Next up is the exotic Titan chest armour, Hallowfire Heart, which also costs 23 legendary shards. It can boost your resilience or health recovery in addition to ‘greatly improving’ the recharge rate of your Solar abilities when Hammer of Sol is charged.

Destiny 2: Transversive Steps leg armour

For Warlocks, you can spend 23 legendary shards on the Transversive Steps leg armour. Besides faster health recovery, the Strange Protractor perk makes you move faster and automatically reloads your energy weapons while you are running. Good for run and gun setups.

Should I buy Riskrunner and is it any good?

Destiny 2: Riskrunner SMG

If you want Destiny 2’s Zhalo Supercell, then yes, because the Riskrunner submachine gun is the closest gun available because of its chain lightning damage that takes place when the ‘Arc Conductor’ perk is active.

We say active because the perk, which lets you take more Arc damage and dish out more of your own, only works when you are being hit by Arc damage. In other words, certain enemies will bring out the best in Riskrunner.

The best tip is to leave an Arc-firing enemy alive and focus your fire on everything else, although the powerful chain lightning damage may make this difficult when enemies are grouped together.

In the right situation, Riskrunner is a sublime PvE weapon with manageable recoil, high rate of fire and a decent magazine size. But would we choose it over Sunshot as that is a choice you will have to make? Probably not.

You can check out our list of the best guns for PvE in Destiny 2 right here, because we are nice like that. And because we have already sunk in an embarrassing number of hours playing it so we may as well make ourselves useful.

Can I get exotics without buying them from Xur?

You sure can, but it requires beating events at a heroic level or completing other end-game content such as the Leviathan Raid, Trials of the Nine or the Nightfall. Exotics can also drop at the end of a Crucible game, but this seems to be quite rare.

How do I earn legendary shards?

By dismantling legendary or exotic weapons or by completing the activities mentioned above. Completing the week’s main activities will usually put you in good stead for affording at least one exotic from Xur, but it may be worth saving up in case two items you want turn up at once.


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