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CBBC’s Dixi updates for a second series on Safer Internet Day

A second series of the BBC’s social media-based drama Dixi has arrived in time for Safer Internet Day 2015

The kids show, an online exclusive, explores the issues around online identities and social media etiquette. 

Centred around an online chain letter, Dixi Unchained follows friends Mimi, Isla and Eve as they attempt to unravel who sent the letter and if the ‘curse’ is real or not. 

Patrick Healy, head of product for BBC Children’s, says: “Children are spending more and more time interacting online as well as watching TV – so online safety and social etiquette are key skills to acquire. Dixi 2 manages to teach these skills using a diverse set of characters and a “who done it” storyline.”

New episodes uploaded to the CBBC website every weekday until March 6, 2015. Viewers can leave comments on the custom-built Dixi site and are encouraged to post their own theories as the mystery unravels. 

The online-only show coincides with the BBC’s decision to move BBC Three and much of its future youth-oriented programming online. No solid date has been given for the move, which will see the channel replaced with BBC One+1, but it’s due to happen this autumn

Dixi launched last year in the wake of Safer Internet Day 2014 and resulted in many viewers adjusting their privacy settings on social media sites. Dixi Unchained follows Channel 4’s recent Cyberbully, a more mature look at the effects of social media on teenagers’ lives. 


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