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EE 4G now available to 87 per cent of the British population

EE’s superfast 4G continues to roll out across the nation, with services now available to 87 per cent of UK folks. 

This means speeds of up to 30Mbps will be available to the majority of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 owners on EE. 

The latest set of financial figures from EE shows that 67 per cent of the population can now also get ‘double-speed’ 4G from EE, which promises top download speeds of 60Mbps. Following a £1.5 billion investment, EE is set on bringing 4G services to 99 per cent of the population – which equates to 90 per cent of the UK’s geography – by 2017. 

Will EE use MiFi-powered drones to plug gaps in its network?This will be done by launching 4G services on the 800MHz band and setting up over 1,500 small cells, as well as upgrading existing mast sites. By 2018, EE aims to make double-speed 4G available to 90 per cent of the population. 

Neal Milsom, chief financial officer of EE, said: “We are delivering strong, consistent commercial performance by giving our customers the best mobile voice and data network experience in the UK.” 

EE’s network has been ranked best for 4G download and upload speeds in the last two Ofcom tests. 

Once EE begins to roll out 4G+ – the EE marketing team’s term for LTE-A – these headline speeds should increase dramatically. 

LTE-A on paper, can deliver speeds of up to 300Mbps to devices with the right antenna and EE is also testing out an up to 400Mbps service at Wembley Stadium. In real terms, EE says that LTE-A will give you around 90Mbps on your phone – faster than most fixed-line broadband services. 

LTE-A services are confined to just a handful of places in London right now, but by 2018, EE plans to have this live in 20 UK cities. 


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