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EE turns donkeys into MiFi hotspots to mark latest 4G win

The UK’s biggest 4G mobile provider EE has extended its network yet again – and is offering residents of West Kirby free donkey rides to celebrate. 

Never one to shy away from obscure local publicity stunts, EE will offer free rides on four ‘superfast’ donkeys, each of which have been kitted out with 4G MiFi devices. 

Those who mount up and take a ride on the beaches of the Merseyside town will be able to browse the web at speeds of around 20-30Mbps on average

EE turns donkeys into MiFi hotspots to mark latest 4G win
DonkEE King: EE gallops ahead in the UK’s 4G horserace

While that’s not even close to the top speeds possible on the network, that’s still comfortably above the UK’s current national average, at least according to the latest Ofcom figures

Download speeds and donkeys aside, this latest announcement sees EE 4G available in a total of 215 large towns and cities and 2,588 small towns and villages which equates to 72 per cent of the UK population. 

Other locations covered by EE 4G today besides West Kirby include, Bangor (NI), Birkenhead, Coatbridge,  East Grinstead, Gateshead, Lisburn, Leighton Buzzard, Neath, Newtownards, Omagh, Port Talbot, Wakefield, Wallasey and South Shields. 

If none of the above has made sense to you because you’re still cooing over the picture of the donkeys, you might like to know that the free 4G donkey rides will be available on Saturday, June 7 at West Kirby beach, CH48 0QG from 12 noon onwards. 

Rides on Bolt, Zip, Lightning and Flash will be available on a first come, first served basis for a limited time only…

EE has promised to make its 4G services available to 98 per cent of the UK poplation by the end of the year. 

O2, Three and Vodafone weren’t given the head start that EE enjoyed and so are aiming to provide similar levels of coverage by the end of 2015. While EE is certainly available to a greater number of people, Vodafone is attempting to woo customers with the offer of free Spotify, Sky Sports and now Netflix while Three hasn’t launched any separate tariffs for 4G, vowing to roll out next-gen mobile services as a free upgrade. 


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