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Fuel Broadband offers free internet for a year: How cheap is that?

Budget ISP Fuel Broadband is offering customers a year’s free unlimited ADSL broadband. 

The service gives you download speeds of up to 16Mbps and comes with evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. 

While the deal will still see you paying £15/month for line rental, you won’t have to pay £4/month on top of that, saving a grand total of £48 over the course of the 12 month contract. 

Fuelling competition: Fuel’s new deal turns up the heat on Direct Save, 99p Stores and BT’s cheap seats deals

While £48 might not seem like a huge saving, this limited time offer makes Fuel Broadband the cheapest ISP on the market. 
Other bargain ISPs like 99p Stores and Direct Save offer unlimited ADSL services for £2.97/month and £1.95/month each. 

But after the standard cost of line rental is added – £14.50 and £15.75 – the costs climb up to £17.47/month and £17.70/month. It’s even cheaper than BT’s just-announced Black Friday bundle, which sees you getting a similar service for £5/month plus line rental. 

Fuel Broadband is the king of the cheap seats for the time being, but this deal expires on December 30, 2014. If you want to make a saving, sign up now. 

If you’re tied into another contract or can’t make that deadline for whatever reason, keep an eye out for future Fuel deals. 

Nigel Eastwood, founder and chief executive of Fuel Broadband’s owners New Call Telecom said: “Fuel meets the changing requirements of the broadband consumer, with great value and straightforward packages allowing the user to ‘add on’ any services they require instead of complicated and expensive bundles and packages. 

“Today’s offer is the first of a series of product launches in the coming months to meet the needs of our customers and demonstrate our brand commitment.” 

Fuel Broadband, previously know as Primus Saver, will also be offering up to 76Mbps FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband in the coming months, but no pricing details have been announced so far. 

BT-owned bargain ISP Plusnet is already offering its up to 38Mbps Unlimited Fibre service for just the £15.95/month line rental charge for the first six months. After that, it’ll cost £14.99/month on top of the line rental. 


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