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Gigabit broadband ISP CityFibre pipes 1Gbps WiFi over Bournemouth Air Festival

Gigabit broadband ISP CityFibre will be demonstrating the power of fibre at this year’s Bournemouth Air Festival, by setting up a 1Gbps WiFi network for attendees. 

CityFibre reckons that most guests will be able to enjoy speeds of up to 50Mbps on their phones, tablets and laptops at the event. 

As well as this, CityFibre is confident that the extra capacity available on its gigabit fibre network will be able to cope with the train of thousands of guests. 

The Red Arrows have got nothing on CityFibre when it comes to speed

Read Recombu Digtal’s guide to GiglerAs anyone who has attended a crowded public event and attempted to make use of open WiFi will tell you, it’s generally not a great experience. CityFibre think that Bournemouth Air Festival guests will be pleasantly surprised. 

Greg Mesch, CityFibre’s chief executive officer says: “Most typical free public WiFi services provide pitifully slow speeds of around 2Mbps and drop further still when more people connect at the same time.

“Using a state-of-the-art, 100 per cent pure fibre network however, enables next-generation public WiFi services to deliver as much bandwidth as a mobile device can handle. This faster service is also available to significantly more people, without a drop in service, so more people are able to enjoy the best WiFi experience possible.” 

CityFibre will be collecting data throughout the event and will be posting results of how well its network handled demand in the future. We’ll be keen to see if CityFibre’s claims stand up to the real world trial.

Local ISP Gigler, which uses the CityFibre network will also have a demo stand set up at the Bournemouth Pier Approach area, where guests will be able to see the benefits of 1Gbps broadband in the home. Gigler is currently available to 21,000 homes in Bournemouth and local businesses can now order leased lines as well. 

This makes CityFibre the biggest provider of FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband in the UK to date. 

Image: damo1977/Flickr


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