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Gigaclear completes 1Gbps fibre broadband network in rural Uppingham

Rural broadband specialists Gigaclear has completed construction of a superfast network in Uppingham, Rutland. 

Gigaclear’s network provides speeds of up to 1Gbps to residents thanks to deployment of FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections. Gigaclear, working in with its subsidiary ISP Rutland Telecoms, took just over three months to complete rollout of the network. 

Services start at £37/month offering 10Mbps download and upload speeds – that’s 10Mbps guaranteed as well, not ‘up to’ or ‘average’. Aside from a £100 connection fee, there’s no other costs, no download limits and no charges for line rental. 

Gigaclear completes 1Gbps fibre broadband network in rural Uppingham
Gigaclear’s FTTP broadband beams download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps to homes and businesses

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Ron Simpson, secretary of the community partnership Uppingham First was among the first to be connected and said:  

“Having experienced the colossal speeds available with FTTP I would never go back. Whole families can be online with no degradation in performance. We now use a telephone service from Vonage to make calls from our existing handsets over the broadband network… We expect to soon cut out the cost of a landline altogether – and to make further savings through the use of other Internet-based services.”

Gigaclear specialises in bringing fibre broadband to areas where there are no immediate plans for investment from the bigger companies like BT and Virgin Media and there is a significant local demand for faster broadband. Gigaclear requires locations to be located within a three kilometer radius of a UK fibre backbone and have over 400 properties in the area for a project to go ahead.  

In Uppingham, the network in its current form encompasses the north east quarter of the town, including the Beeches area. Gigaclear will soon extend its network to the Uppingham Gate business park and will roll out to other nearby areas, based on local demand.


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