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Google is killing YouTube on old iOS and Apple TV devices. Here’s how to save it

Got a second-gen Apple TV or an iOS device incapable of updating to iOS 7? Say goodbye to YouTube – Google’s pulling the plug at the end of the month. 

If you’ve got a device that’s unsupported, instead of seeing the latest Brendan Jordan or Dr. Bees video, you’ll see the video below. 

While you’ll still be able to watch videos through Safari on your iPhone by heading to, you’ll need to shell out for a third-generation Apple TV if you want to carry on watching. 

Selected smart TVs and Blu-ray players from around 2012 with YouTube apps might also not work once Google retires the old YouTube Data API v2 this week. Again, if you’ve got a web browser, then you may be able to access YouTube this way. 

Most TVs and connected media players from manufacturers 2013 ranges shouldn’t be affected by this new change. 

If you’re finding that YouTube isn’t working on your TV this week, then one quick, cheap workaround at your disposal is Chromecast – for £30 you can get YouTube back on your TV alongside a whole host of other streaming services

Otherwise, you’re looking at getting a Roku Streaming Stick (£40) or Fire TV Stick (£35) if you don’t want to stump up £60-odd for a third edition Apple TV

Last week, Google killed support for Microsoft’s Silverlight in Chrome, prompting despondent Now TV users to scurry off to Firefox or (shudder) Internet Explorer. 


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