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Heat Genius launches smart temperature controller

A firm has launched a new product that will allow users to control the heating of their homes from their smartphone or tablet. 

The Heat Genius is a box that connects to your wireless router. There are also wireless valves that can be fitted on each radiator and movement sensors for each room. These sensors help the device learn which times each room is normally used, so it can preheat rooms ready for these times and turn the radiators off the rest of the time. 

The system is billed as “fit and forget” by the manufacturers. While the system can be tweaked via the web or smartphone app, it can also be left to sit in the background and adjust heating to suit the homeowner. 

Heat Genius launches smart temperature controller
Genius Bar: Keep the temperature and the bills down with Heat Genius

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Smart EnergyThe company said that energy savings from using the system could be significant. The base station costs £250, and then you can add wireless valves and sensors to each room as required.

Even at current energy prices, a Heat Genius system could easily pay for itself within 3 years, the firm said. The Heat Genius is manufactured in England with components sourced almost entirely from the UK. 

Heat Genius pointed to a study by Microsoft and Lancaster University showed that intelligent heating controls saved up to 35 per cent of a UK home’s heating bill compared to a simple thermostat, and without the need to manually programme timers or adjust them whenever the occupants’ schedules change.

“We’ve always stayed focused on our customers’ desire to save as much energy as possible without losing any comfort. We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure our technology is right and we’re confident that customers will see that we have the superior product” said Heat Genius co-founder Alasdair Woodbridge.


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